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Exchequer Enterprise

Exchequer Enterprise is a turnkey solution for your Management needs.

Check out this Award winning financial management software designed to provide high quality, robust business solutions that enhance the productivity of small to medium sized businesses world-wide.

Exchequer Enterprise was launched in New Zealand in August 1996 and is a fully featured mid range accounting package designed to meet users of today. Co-SYS has in excess of 16 years collective experience with Exchequer (the DOS version) and Exchequer Enterprise, which makes it the most experienced Exchequer Enterprise Reseller in New Zealand. Co-SYS has also developed a number of DLL tools to link Exchequer to third party products, and is the most experienced Enterprise DLL developer in New Zealand.


Exchequer's flagship product Enterprise has been developed to provide high quality, robust business solutions that enhance the productivity of small to medium sized operations (SME's) worldwide. Exchequer Enterprise works across the whole business and is easy to use at all levels. Incorporating the latest technologies, Exchequer Enterprise delivers real functionality benefits. Powerful drill down features allows access to all financial and management information instantly. The eBIS-XML allows sales and purchase transactions to take place seamlessly between disparate accounting systems via the Internet, potentially saving hours of data entry.

Also as your business evolves, grows or branches out into new territories, you will not need to change your application, which in turn negates any need to re-import data or re-train all of your staff when the time comes to upgrade.

Key Benefits

  • Provides total control of your business, with a single totally integrated system with optional financial, distribution, costing, reporting and e-commerce modules
  • Allows you to expand in the future without the need to upgrade or change to another product range by offering single-user, multi-user and client/server versions of the same system
  • Capitalises on Microsoft's technology and .net initiative to provide an industry standard development platform for integration, interrogation, customisation and reporting
  • Designed originally as a multi-currency system, available also in single or dual currency versions with flexible options to upgrade as your business requirements change
  • Enables you to take your business on-line with powerful e-business, e-commerce and web-enabled technology
  • Vast range of plug-in utilities and links with other leading applications, giving you the flexibility and choice in how you expand your IT systems

System-wide Features

Navigating Around the System

It is vitally important, especially in an accounting environment, that data entry is fast, flexible and above all user-friendly. Enterprise has been specifically designed to suit all levels of users, from novice to power users who need to jump around all areas quickly.

Navigating your way around Enterprise can be achieved using either the drop-down menus, the speed buttons, or by using the function key short-cuts - whichever suits your style.
The context-sensitive help in Enterprise is second to none. There is a "What's this?" help facility on every field and button within the system, together with tutorials, guides and examples.

Open Period

Unlike most accounting systems, Enterprise does not have time consuming period-end or year-end routines, which often destroy the valuable data that you have entered.

It keeps history for as long as you want, and you can go back to view or print reports for any previous period or year. Imagine the power of being able to draw upon your rich historical data for analysis and comparison, or being able to start a new year without having to wait for time consuming year end adjustments.

Users with the highest level of security can also post transactions to previous periods and all balances are automatically brought forward.


All transactions are entered via a 'daybook', where they can be held before being posted to the general ledger. This gives all the advantages of live updates of customer, supplier and stock balances, with the flexibility to review and amend transactions (with strict password control) before committing them to the general ledger.

Each daybook has an "Auto" tab, which is used for generating recurring transactions, in the sales, purchase and general ledgers. Ideal for rental or contract invoicing, direct debits, standing order and regular journals, such as depreciation, pre-payments and accruals.

The daybook is a good example of how Enterprise has combined several areas of the system into one single window, making it simple to navigate and therefore easier to use. In most systems, sales invoicing, cash receipts, order entry and setting up regular invoices would all be performed in different parts of the system. In Enterprise, the ergonomic design contains all of these functions within one 'sales daybook' window, using the tabs at the top to separate each area.

Future Proof

Enterprise has been developed specifically for the 32-bit Windows environment and can be used on multiple workstation platforms across a network. Due to the technology upon which Enterprise is built, the system automatically adapts to the different look and feel of the various Windows operating systems available.


Virtually every single option and button within Enterprise can be password controlled. Rather than being 'greyed-out', the options will disappear completely from view if a user does not have access.


Enterprise embraces the power of electronic communication and the Internet to provide a number of productivity benefits to your organisation.

Transactions, reports, statements and remittance advices can be emailed as well as faxed and printed. You can also set-up business alerts which will send an email or SMS text message to a pre-defined list of people whenever a certain event occurs, such as credit limits exceeded, stock levels low, orders received or cash levels low.

You also have the option of implementing an authorisation workflow system for remote managers, allowing them to authorise requisitions, orders or invoices via email. Enterprise will also run across the Internet, allowing you to centralise your global operations by providing access to Enterprise from any Internet connection anywhere in the world.

More System-wide Features...

  • No destructive period or year-end routines. All history is instantly available in original detail
  • A simple, logical and easy-to-use interface, with a familiar windows 'look and feel'
  • A unique 'daybook' for entering and reviewing transactions entered
  • Drill down from any balance, to show monthly values. Drill down from any monthly values to show a list of transactions. Drill down on any transaction to show original document with re-print, fax or email options
  • ObjectDrill™; an immensely powerful drill-around navigation tool, giving you access to any data which is linked to any transaction, instantly
  • Open multiple windows from any module, whilst in any other area, without disruption or delay
  • Simultaneous access to all screens by all concurrent users
  • Logical use of keyboard shortcuts and powerful on-line help, packed with tutorials, examples and context-sensitive help
  • Multiple preventative maintenance measures built-in, such as transaction roll-back, providing peace-of-mind
  • Comprehensive security and a wide range of system switches and customisable fields for optimising the system to your requirements
  • Multi-Company Manager with up to 5 companies as standard and options to increase as required
  • Optional Paperless Module for sending transactions via fax or email, plus with e-Business Module the option to send XML transactions
  • Extensive forms designer utility
  • No need to wait for time consuming tasks or reports to finish due to advanced multi-threading technology
  • Dynamic links to Microsoft Excel for instant live management reports