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eXtreme Mobility increases efficiency in the office

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eXtreme Mobility increases efficiency in the office

According to research by the Gartner GroupŠ, covering many different types of companies, mobile workers equipped with communicating laptop computers are up to 40% more efficient than those without. Even greater benefits result from combining office and mobile solutions. What does that mean to your business and your office-based employees? Consider which of these scenarios apply to your company:

  • Sales office, telesales or support staff contact customers every day by telephone, mail or email, and they note down or e-mail follow-up actions and file them.
    Are notes always legible? Are they sent to the right person instantly and filed correctly?
  • Internal sales or support staff work from a daily customer recall list or task sheet
    Are lists and tasks always current? Are customer records easy to find and up-to-date?
  • Office staff obtain product and price data from the accounts system and use these to produce quotations for customers
    Are product and price data always transcribed without errors and are quotations always filed correctly?
  • Field sales people call the office regularly for customer, stock or price updates
    What impact does this have on office staffs time and is accurate information always supplied?
  • Sales people pass instructions to office staff to send quotations or enter customer orders
    Are instructions always legible, accurate and sent to the right office person instantly? Are orders always accurate?
  • A customer's or a supplier's contact details change
    Are amendments to the sales or purchase ledger immediate and accurate?

These scenarios all have one thing in common. If not managed correctly, they may have a serious, negative impact on dealings with your customers and on your profitability. The ProspectSoft Customer Relationship Management Suite can resolve any and all of these issues. It integrates closely with most accounting systems and, with eXtreme Mobility, runs equally well on your office network, laptop or PDA.

  • All customer contact - by phone, e-mail, fax or letter - about any issue, are initiated and logged by the system and follow-ups are assigned automatically.
  • ProspectSoft CRM generates a "to-do" list for staff in the office or on the road, which is updated continuously as changes occur.
  • Office or field staff can generate quotations in ProspectSoft CRM, using stock and price information from the accounting system and your own Word or Excel templates.
  • Quotations can be converted to orders on demand, or orders can be entered directly by office or field staff, for processing by the accounting system.
  • ProspectSoft CRM integrates seamlessly with several leading accounting software systems. One benefit is that amendments to customer or supplier details are exchanged automatically.

Using ProspectSoft CRM, the efficiency of field and office staff can be increased dramatically, resulting in a positive impact on customer satisfaction and on your company's profitability.

To find out more about how ProspectSoft CRM and eXtreme Mobility could help you, please call Co-SYS on +64(09)3040044, email: info@co-sys.co.nz or visit: www.prospectsoft.com


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