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Address :
4 Aristoy Close
Conifer Grove
Takanni, 2112

Contact Details :
ph : (09) 215 6860
mob: (021) 388560

ph : (09) 215 6861
mob: (021) 654466

Shaz (Accounts):
ph : (09) 215 6860
mob: (021) 838016


Software Development

Co-SYS offers a wide variety of software development. Our software development team encompasses a large knowledge base of various software development tools.

These tools include:


Borland's Delphi is the main development tool used by Co-SYS. It's diversity and constant evolution enables us to create applications which integrate with windows perfectly. We have and continue to design applications with Delphi which function side by side with all other Windows applications succesfully. Exchequer Enterprise is itself developed using Delphi, which enables us to write applications which integrate with Exchequer Enterprise freely.

Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual Basic is one of the long standing development tools created by Microsoft. The language is designed to flow seamlessly on any Windows platform. We use Visual Basic in many applications covering a wide selection of uses.

MS Access

Microsoft Access has always been a powerful platform for developing robust database solutions. Along with Access database design, we also develop customised Access applications to suit any requirement.

Database Design

Our software team's knowledge and experience in database design incorporates a wide variety of database tools and applications. These include:

Borland Interbase MS SQL Server
Sybase Paradox
FoxPro MS Access